It’s the end of week eight, and we are ½ way through the session and just days away from the cut-off for bills to be out of their original house (March 9th at 5:00 p.m.). Amazing! 
And, as noted last week, this legislative session seems to be going pretty well. Since Feb. 23rd, the House and Senate either have been in caucus or on the floor deliberating bills… So many bills! Most members participate remotely, however, some are in person in the House/Senate chambers in Olympia.  Some bills are taking a very looooong time and others are moving quickly. Overall, both chambers are keeping things moving.
So what’s next?! 
With cut-off on March 9th, committee hearings then start up again on March 10th. Bills then have until March 26th to get out of the opposite house policy committee, and until April 2nd to get out of the fiscal committees. The time between March 10th and 26th will go fast, with many bills to get through. During this time, as committees are meeting, hearing, and passing bills, it is also extremely likely that the Senate and House budgets will be released.
But before we turn our attention to the opposite house, we want to highlight some bills that passed recently and some that will likely come up before the March 9th cut-off.
A few bills that passed:
E2SHB1186 – Concerning juvenile rehabilitation
2SHB1219 – The appointment of counsel for youth in dependency court proceedings
E2SHB1227 – Protecting the rights of families responding to allegations of abuse or neglect of a child
E2SHB1504 – Modifying the workforce education investment act
2SSB5214 – Economic assistance programs
A few bills likely to come up soon (but we’ll see(!)):
HB1297- Working families tax exemption
2SHB1213 – Child care and early development (aka Fair Start for Kids Act)
2SHB1477 – National 988 system
SSB5096 – Capital gains tax
2SSB5237 – Child care and early development (Senate version of the Fair Start for Kids Act)
As a reminder, we update the Partner's for Our Children bill tracker the best we can. Sometimes bills are brought up and voted on between the time we update and the time we finish updating on Friday afternoons. Apologies. 
As a reminder, we include floor amendments for some, but not all, of the bills that pass the original house. has the latest and greatest info! And don’t forget, live floor action and archived hearings and floor action can be found at www.tvw.wa.
 Have a good week!