Status Summary

The bill was heard, amended and passed in the Senate Committee on Higher Education & Workforce Development committee.
It was then heard and passed in Ways and Means and sent to Rules. The bill was pulled in Rules and then passed by the Senate, 31-16-0-2.
The bill was then referred to the House Higher Ed committee and had a public hearing on 2/20. It was scheduled for exec action on 2/21, but no action was taken.
Scheduled for another executive session on 2/23; passed and referred to Appropriations.
Heard in Approp. on 2/24.
Exec. action taken on 2/26; passed with amendment(s) and referred to Rules.
On 2/28, Rules relieved of further consideration and placed on second reading. The bill has not yet come up for a vote.
No further action as of 3/8. The bill is dead.
(updated 3/8)

Legislative Session





Sen. Ranker

6486 reviews existing registered apprenticeship programs and creates the apprenticeship work group to review the work being done by the governor’s office concerning students’ preparation for pathways towards a living wage, to study policy recommendations, and to advise the legislature on a future statewide cross-sector registered apprenticeship system. 

Additionally, the Dept. of Labor and Industries, subject to appropriation, shall employ a coordinator to do outreach to the private sector and assist industries in establishing registered apprenticeship and training programs where they do not exist. The work group will report to the legislature by October 15, 2018.