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Prefiled for introduction 1.2.2020. First reading, referred to Health & Long Term Care 1.13.2020. Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 1.20.20. Executive session scheduled, but no action taken, in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 1.24.20. Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 1.27.2020; 1st substitute bill passed and referred to Ways & Means. Referred to Ways & Means on 1.28.2020. Public hearing scheduled in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means on 2.4.2020. Executive action taken in the Senate Committee on Ways & Means on 2.11.2020; 2nd substitute bill passed and passed to Rules Committee for second reading. Placed on second reading by Rules Committee on 2.14.2020. 2nd substitute bill substituted. Floor amendment(s) adopted. Rules suspended. Placed and passed on Third Reading on 2.17.2020. IN THE HOUSE: First reading, referred to Appropriations on 2.20.2020. (updated 2.21.2020) 

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Sen. Randall

Medicaid coverage will be extended from sixty days to twelve months postpartum to increase access to care and improve maternal and infant health. This will cover postpartum persons with an income equal to or below 193% of FPL, who are not otherwise eligible for social security assistance

Medical assistance under this section must be provided during the twelve-month period beginning on the last day of the pregnancy, beginning January 2021. The Health Care Authority will first seek federal funding from Medicare and Medicaid.

1st Substitute

Extends Apple Health coverage for pregnant and postpartum people from 60 days post-pregnancy to one year, post-pregnancy.

Directs the Health Care Authority to submit a waiver to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for federal match.

The substitute replaces references to "medicaid" and "medical assistance" with "health care coverage" so the extension to 12-months post pregnancy applies to both federal and state-only coverage.

Companion Bill