Status Summary

The bill was introduced, but not heard in 2017. The bill was passed by the Senate on Jan. 19, 2018 and referred to House Education.
SB5766 was heard on 2/8 in the House Education committee and exec’d on 2/22. On 2/23 the bill was referred to Rules.
No further action as of 3/8. The bill is dead.
(updated 3/8)

Legislative Session






Requires each school district to:

  • Adopt or amend a transgender student policy and procedure that, at a minimum, incorporates the model transgender student policy and procedure created by the state school directors' association and share the policy with parents or guardians, students, volunteers, and school employees; and
  • Designate one person in the district as the primary contact regarding the transgender student policy.

Requires the Office Of The Superintendent Of Public Instruction (OSPI) to develop a statewide training class for those people who act as the primary contact.

As amended, the bill tasks OSPI with developing a mandatory training class for primary contacts for the transgender student policy and the anti-harassment, intimidation, or bullying policy. It also requires OSPI to review and align questions in the Healthy Youth Survey with the model transgender student policy.