Status Summary

First reading, referred to Health & Long Term Care on 1.28.21.

Public hearing in the Senate Committee on Health & Long Term Care on 2.22.21.

No change on 4.30.21.

(updated 4.30.21) 

Legislative Session



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SB5371 increases funding for public health services and health equity initiatives through a statewide sweetened beverage tax. Beginning October 1, 2021, a tax shall be imposed upon every person in the business of distributing sweetened beverages in Washington state. For all sweetened beverages, the tax rate is $0.0175 per 7 fluid ounce of sweetened beverages the distributor distributes, subject to annual adjustment. 

Sixty percent of the tax collected under this chapter must be deposited into the health equity account created in section 10 of this act and the remainder must be deposited into the foundational public health services account created under RCW 82.25.015.

A community advisory board shall provide recommendations to the department on the allocation disbursement of funds received to support initiatives addressing social determinants of health pursuant to section 10 of this act. Academic research shall be conducted to evaluate the economic impacts of the tax.