Status Summary

Referred to Committee on Human Services, Mental Health & Housing. The bill has not been scheduled for a hearing and did not move out of its committee before the Policy Committee Cutoff date.

Legislative Session






In order to streamline the foster care application process for child-placing agencies, SB 5105 requires the department of social and health services, when processing a child-placing agency application, to do the following. (1) Accept scanned foster care parent applications that include an original signature electronically. (2) Complete and return background authorization forms within thirty days. (3) Ensure that the forms required across the state are uniform and consistent between regions. (4) If related department forms change after the application has been received by the department, not require the applicant to resubmit information on a substantially similar form. (5) Ensure that foster care parent applications are processed in a timely manner. (6) Email the fingerprint original case agency number to a child-placing agency within five business days of receipt of the fingerprint-based background notice from the family or child-placing agency.