Status Summary

Passed out of the Senate, and had a public hearing in the House Appropriations Committee on Mar 15. The bill did not make it out of the committee by the policy committee cutoff.

Legislative Session






SB 5066 establishes the zero-based budget review process to provide more thorough analyses of the programs and services provided by state agencies and to better prioritize the expenditure of public resources. Zero-based budgeting is a process that is designed to control expenditures by identifying the purposes of, and measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of, all activities. Traditional budgeting would provide a line-item process where only incremental spending is usually considered. Unlike traditional budgeting, which is based on budget history, no item is automatically included in the next budget in zero-based budgeting. This bill would establish a zero-based budget review process in the state of Washington. The Legislature may specify in the Omnibus Operating Appropriations Act, or other legislation, certain programs for which agencies must perform a zero-based budget review.