Status Summary

The bill was referred to House Appropriations. It has not been scheduled for a hearing but it is possible it is being considered ‘NTIB, necessary to implement the budget’). We’ll see!
No further action as of 3/8. The bill is dead.
[Note: it is possible there is language in the budget related to this but as of this writing that further exploration of the budget needs to occur.]
(updated 3/8)

Legislative Session





Rep. Kagi

2985 states that funds from the Puget Sound taxpayer accountability account are not subject to appropriation. Only the state treasurer or treasurer’s designee may authorize expenditures from the account. The treasurer may expend moneys in the account only for distribution. 
Beginning in September 2018, counties must spend the distributions for early learning facilities and services, and K-12 and postsecondary support for youth and young adults who are low income, homeless, in foster care, or in the juvenile justice system.