Status Summary

First reading, referred to Civil Rights & Judiciary on 1.14.2020.  Public hearing in the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary. Executive session scheduled, but no action taken, in the House Committee on Civil Rights & Scheduled on 1.31.2020 and 2.5.2020. Executive action taken in the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary on 2.7.2020;.1st substitute bill passed and referred to Rules 2 Review. Rules Committee relieved of further consideration. Placed on second reading on 2.14.2020. Returned to Rules Committee for second reading on 2.21.2020. (updated 3.13.2020) 

Legislative Session



In Progress


Rep. Macri

Tenant laws are clarified and revised to provide protections. Clarification is added to reasons for landlords to evict a tenant, and rights of remaining occupants if a tenant has vacated.  The 13 reasons why a tenant can be evicted (or refused for renewal, or have their tenancy terminated) are enumerated. 

Landlords shall not unreasonably withhold approval from any potential occupant. Penalties for violations on behalf of the landlord are outlined. Other sections are amended to include more protections for tenants. 

Companion Bill