Status Summary

First reading, referred to Finance on 2.2.21.

Public hearing in the House Committee on Finance on 2.8.21. 
Executive session scheduled but no action taken in the House Committee on Finance on 2.16.21. 
Executive action taken in the House Committee on Finance on 2.17.21; 1st substituted bill passed. 
Referred to Appropriations on 2.18.21.
Public hearing and executive action taken in the House Committee on Appropriations at on 2.22.21; 2nd substitute bill passed and referred to Rules 2 Review.
Rules Committee relieved of further consideration. Placed on second reading on 2.25.21.Returned to Rules Committee for second reading on 3.10.21.
(updated 4.30.21)
No change 4.30.21

Legislative Session



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HB1460 establishes excise taxes on telecommunications services and expands the universal service programs through the state universal teleconnect service program and Washington Lifeline Program.

The department shall establish and administer a senior call-check service and notification program to eligible participants, as defined within the bill.

Subject to requirements and limitations outlined in the bill, the Washington Lifelife Program shall provide qualifying low-income customers reduced costs for eligible voice and broadband services. 

Reimbursement for eligible telecommunications carriers shall be contingent upon compliance with all federal lifeline requirements. The commission may withhold or suspend reimbursement while investigating compliance with state or federal lifeline requirements.

On or before December 1, 2022, and biennially thereafter, the commission must submit a report to the appropriate committees of  legislature, consistent with RCW 43.01.036, to provide an assessment of the lifeline program.

HB1460 establishes a state universal teleconnect service program with discounted rates for telecommunications services to qualifying K-12 schools, community colleges, libraries, community-based and public hospitals, community-based and public health clinics, and community organizations.

HB1460 amends the current statute and expands the governor’s statewide broadband office to improve accessibility and adoption for both unserved and underserved communities.