Status Summary

First reading, referred to Education on 1.21.19. Not yet scheduled for a hearing. As of mid-March, the bill is dead. However, it could “come back" during the 2019 session as an amendment on another bill or other mechanisms, or next year (since bills technically stay alive for the full 2019-20 biennium). (updated 1.10.20)

Legislative Session



In Progress



This act amends RCW 28A.300.475 to dictate that every public school must provide comprehensive, evidence-informed sexual health education as an integral part of the curriculum by September 1st, 2020.

This bill also requires said sexual health education to be inclusive for all students regardless of their protected class status under RCW 49.60 and must include information and skills-based instruction that:

§  Includes both abstinence and other methods of preventing STDs;

§  Encourages healthy relationships;

§  Teaches how to identify and respond to attitudes and behaviors that contribute to sexual violence; and

§  Emphasizes the importance of affirmative consent.

Additionally, in regard to instruction and materials, this bill specifies:

§  All instruction and materials must be inclusive and use language and strategies that recognize all members of a protected class under RCW 49.60; and

§  Comprehensive sexual education must be consistent with the WA State Health and Physical Education K-12 learning standards.

Finally, the superintendent of public instruction shall make the WA State Health and Physical Education K-12 learning standards available to the public and develop comprehensive sexual health education instructional materials review tools to be available on their website by September 1st, 2019.