Status Summary

First reading, referred to Public Safety on 1.21.21

Public hearing in the House Committee on Public Safety on 2.9.21.

Executive session scheduled, but no action taken in the House Committee on Public Safety on 2.15.21.

(updated 4.30.21)

No change 4.30.21

Legislative Session



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HB1344 states that a person, who was sentenced prior to the effective date of this section, under this chapter or any prior law, to a term of life without the possibility of parole for an offense committed on or after his or her 16th birthday and prior to his or her 25th birthday, shall be returned to the sentencing court or the sentencing court’s successor for sentencing consistent with RCW 10.95.030. Release and supervision of a person resentenced under this section is governed by RCW 10.95.030.