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First reading, referred to Appropriations on 1.13.21.

(updated 5.20.21)








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HB1178 establishes a zero-based budget review process to provide more thorough analysis of the programs and services provided by state agencies and better prioritize the expenditure of public resources. 

Beginning in 2022 and in each even-numbered year thereafter, the legislature must specify programs for which agencies must perform a zero-based budget review. Twenty percent of all state programs will be subject to a zero-based budget review each biennium so that every program receives a zero-based budget review within a 10 year cycle. 

The governor and legislature shall consider the information and analysis provided by agencies in the budget development process. The house of representatives appropriations committee and the senate ways and means committee shall hold at least one public hearing on the information and analysis submitted by agencies under the zero-based budget review.