Susan Barkan, Associate Director of Research for Partners for Our Children, was awarded the largest of three Winning Victories grants from Antioch College.  The grant awards college alumni who develop initiatives through business, entrepreneurship, or non-profit ventures, that accelerate the development and deepen the impact of public good and social justice in local, national and international communities.
The grant program offers three cash awards - one for $50,000, and two for $10,000 each and all Antioch College Alumni were invited to submit an application.  
Antioch graduate Matt Morgan (class of 1999) envisioned and helped make possible the Winning Victories Grant, which was inspired by Antioch College founder Horace Mann's plea to Antioch graduates in 1859 to "Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."




Read more about the award here

Congratulations again, Susan!! We are so proud to know you and work with you!