Partners for Our Children is thrilled about our seven wonderful interns from the University of Washington for the 2018-19 academic school year: Angelina Callis, Tascha Johnson, Liliana Cory, Perla Nucico, Cossette Woo, Hilina Bantiwalu and Alejandra Villa.  Six of the seven interns are pursuing master’s degrees in Social Work and one, Hilina Bantiwalu, is an undergraduate senior, studying finance, with a strong interest in social services.  

The students share an intense passion for improving the lives of others and a vision that allow helps them work together and accomplish goals. Liliana lived in foster care as a child and, “because of my experiences, I made a commitment to right the injustices that young people face in foster care.” Tascha said, “it's so easy to look at the world and say that things just are the way they are, but I would be upset if that was truly what I believed.” 

All our interns want to affect positive change in Washington state. Angelina spoke about her passion stemming from her mother and grandmother, both of whom were social workers.  Perla, on the other hand, is “very passionate about disability rights and policies on a macro level” and wants to change systems. Hilina has a business background and is excited to bridge gaps often seen between the world of social service and profit. 

These fantastic people are varied and diverse in their talents and personal interests, including reading, hiking, watching plays or listening to music.  In terms of their passions outside of a professional setting Alejandra, Cossette and Hilina love reading to de-stress. Alejandra, in particular, loves to explore Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. 

All in all, we are thrilled to have these wonderful interns working at Partners for Our Children. Their perspectives and commitments will undeniably improve child welfare and related systems.